Powersteel Ltd. is an established metal fabrication business based in Tartu, Estonia serving the Nordic markets of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Our contract manufacturing services and expertise are geared towards the needs of waste management, construction, agriculture, transport and material handling industries.

As a manufacturing partner to OEMs, brand owners and resellers looking to outsource design, fabrication and assembly of their products, Powersteel offers them a manufacturing base in Estonia with the accompanying cost advantages, proximity to the Baltic Sea Region, great versatility on the plant floor and experienced customer-focused team.

From hook-lift systems, swap body containers, truck and trailer bodies, to seedbed cultivators, agricultural trailers and conveyor lines, Powersteel has an extensive range of skills and options to cater for most custom manufacturing needs. Also, we now provide our OEM customers with wear parts and components with availability usually straight out of our inventory, resulting in competitive lead times.

As a long established manufacturer and with experienced in-house designers and engineers on staff to support the customer all the way from a business need or design idea to a finished product, we are able to meet customer's needs quickly and efficiently.